The International Forum of Insurance Guarantee Schemes (IFIGS)


The International Forum of Insurance Guarantee Schemes (IFIGS) was formed by a group of insurance guarantee schemes from around the world interested in sharing their experiences in providing policyholder protection in the event of an insurance company failure.

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IFIGS holds regular regional and international meetings throughout the year. The meetings are a unique networking opportunity uniting leaders from around the world. The events feature speakers and panel discussions. It is an occasion for the participants to discuss best practices and ask questions about other organisations' operations.


2019 international meeting will be hosted by NCIGF(National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds ) and NOLHGA (National Organisation of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations) on December 03-05 2019 in Washington DC, USA. 



2018 IFIGS Management Committee Election Outcome

Following the approval of the updated IFIGS Terms of Reference at the General Meeting in Bucharest, on 12 October 2018, the following member representatives are appointed to the Management Committee. 



Roger Schmelzer

National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds (NCIGF) – USA


Alister Campbell


Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation (PACICC) 

First Vice Chair

Carmen Radu 

Policyholders Guarantee Fund (FGA) – Romania

Second Vice Chair


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